How to Beat Panic Attacks - the Best Solution is Here!

Don't Put Up with Pain of a Panic Attack Any Longer

My Experience With Panic Attacks

My story goes back a long way.  The attacks first started after I suffered a horrible drug rape incident as a teenager.

This event became my Baptism by fire causing me problems for 30 years or so!

At first I didn’t know what they were because we’re talking the Swinging Sixties and nobody ever heard of Panic Attacks, anxiety, rape therapy.  None of it was part of the culture.

But I first noticed when I was in a crowded space.  It didn’t matter where it was only being a part of a crowd mattered.  Then I felt panicked, claustrophobic, couldn’t think, my brain went blank and I concentrated on getting out.  

The other time I felt like this was being alone with someone I didn’t know.  I experienced the same symptoms again and eventually solved it by avoiding being alone with a person.

Avoidance became my number one killer strategy for dealing with rape related problems.  Panic attacks was only one.

I buried them deep  becoming convinced none of it happened.

Recently walking home from the hairdresser’s I realised “Hey Lynne, you’re walking out alone”.

Then it hit me I wasn’t having a panic attack.  I wasn’t even thinking of panic, or being frightened.  For a second I experienced total freedom!

I can’t say I won’t have a panic attack again.  But I know now I can overcome it and I have clues and strategies I can work on.


Your body is unique to you.  It doesn’t work in quite the same way as other people.  So you may well develop symptoms that are different to others.  But there are generalities between everyone – this isn’t a complete list but it’ll help to identify symptoms:

general symptoms of a panic attack


The intensity of these attacks is enormous.  It stops you in your tracks.  You can be immobilized and incapacitated instantly.  The worst place to have one is driving your car!  I’ve had one in my car which was so bad I had to find a place to pull off the road and wait until I could carry on safely.

If you have a panic attack in a crowded place each person reacts differently.

For me, I don’t want help from others, I’ll deal with it on my own keeping calm as possible until it passes.

Others may be different and be reassured by having others close by just in case they’re needed.


Humans don’t mind duress, in fact they thrive on it. What they mind is not feeling necessary. –Sebastian JungerClick To Tweet

This quote by Sebastian Junger haunts me.  The reason it haunts lies in the stark truth of it.So much of the mental anguish we suffer as humans lies in not feeling necessary.  I’ve listened to so many people over the years and all in their own private ways are expressing this sentiment.“I don’t feel important”.  “I’m just a number”.  “Nobody cares about me”.

Over and over again this is the story of humanity who are lost and alone.  Unloved, uncared for.

It’s no wonder we suffer stress, depression and anxiety.  No wonder our children are suffering the same as us.  They, too are lost, lonely, uncared for.

It’s time this stopped.  It’s time to create awe and wonderment instead of misery, suffering and loneliness.

Begin by liberating yourself from panic attacks.

Meditation is the important factor.

The reasons for its success lies in the ability to teach yourself how to relax.  To relax to the point where it becomes integrated in your daily life.  Meditation teaches the brain how to relax.  The minute you feel a panic attack coming you can begin to meditate, focus and relax.


The type of meditation I teach is different to a lot of other methods.  Therefore it’s important to touch base and explain a bit about the difference.

It’s called Guided Imagery Meditation.  It’s focused and you follow a script telling a story.  This is your meditation.  Your story which you visualise is the guided imagery.  When completed you will ground your story by writing out resolutions you gained from it.  Ideas, insights, in fact anything just make a note of it.  And remain open minded.

As you see this isn’t a definitive guide I’ve given you.  Far from it.  But what I’m going to do is do the meditation here and now. You can see how it fits together and experience it first hand.

I’m going to give you an audio of the meditation called, Finding the Ground of Meaning In Your Life.

For Your Meditation:  Kahil Gibran wrote of the pearl; “A pearl is a temple built by pain around a grain of sand.  What longing built our bodies and around what grains”


Please sign up to join our tribe.  You don’t have to be alone.  Don’t feel you’re not necessary or not needed.  Believe me you are. You are important and you matter.  Your life matters.  Join like minded people – sign up TODAY.

Take care, Lynne


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