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Anger is on the agenda today.  And it’s a feeling all of us are familiar with.  From the cradle to the grave it flares up like a cluster bomb, spewing out mini bomblets.

Anger hurts all it touches from the one whose anger it is.  To the ones who are on the receiving end.  Anger is all round destructive.  And yet we need to “let off steam” occasionally – if we don’t, anger will find a way out.  And the results could be painful.






What is Anger?

Fear lies at the root of anger. It's a natural response when we feel threatened.Click To Tweet

It has been a tradition throughout time to use drugs in war, but the first I can remember hearing about it was the Anglo/Zulu wars when the Zulu warriors used the main psychoactive in marijuana containing a form of snuff to make them feel invincible, they also took hallucinogenic mushrooms to obtain “a state of expanded perception” on the battlefield. Some actually believed bullets would bounce off of them.

But they weren’t the first nor will they be the last. The war in Afghanistan is closely tied to drugs, as are so many of them.  It’s not surprising really when humans are forced into inhumane acts of brutality and horror.  In those circumstances everybody needs a little help.

I’m not supporting the use of drugs – I’m just somebody who understands how nasty life can be.

So anger is fear disguised.  The two incredibly linked together.

I can remember one afternoon my daughter went out cycling with her friend.  She told me where they were going and how long they’d be. So off she went.  When she didn’t come home when expected – I didn’t worry straight away, but kept an eye on the clock!

After a half an hour I began worrying until she finally got home.  At the bottom of my worrying lay fear.  But when my daughter arrived home instead of being relieved.  I was angry!  Absolutely furious with her.

After I calmed down I explained what happened as I knew she was confused about my angry outburst!

Here is a link I found on how to manage anger.  It has a workbook and it gives a lot of examples of different situations on anger situations for you to look at and work through if you want to the link is here:  http://www.comh.ca/pchc/workbook/pages/02-06-Skills-Anger.cfm

Where in Your Body Can You Feel Anger?

That might sound a funny sort of question but if you were to concentrate and focus next time you’re angry – you’ll feel where it is.

Meanwhile take a look through this short video, see what you think:

The image shows exactly where anger is visible and make no mistake it can also cause pain.  A good example: I feel anger in my stomach and while I’m not always aware of it at the time, approximately two days later I begin with stomach cramps and pains,

That is the start of IBS which stems directly from anger or fear either one will do it.  By that time the anger has long since disappeared but I’m stuck then with IBS and have to deal with that.

That example shows perfectly how emotions are linked to physical symptoms.

Take a long look at yourself.  Where in your body does anger affect you?  Your head, your neck, your back?  These are all common places.

Let us know in the comments box.  It’ll be interesting to see how much of our body is affected by the feeling of anger.

Just a note on the workbook link – it is quite long which might not suit a lot of you, so I’ve enclosed a shorter one of 4 pages which is much better for those who don’t have huge amounts of time at their disposal.

That’s it for this time, take care until next time when we continue the anger series.

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Here is your link to the shorter Anger Worksheet – it will help you identify how you react when you begin to feel  anger and it may also help you identify anger triggers sooner.

In turn this gives you time to react to anger with control.

I hope you find it useful.  Please let me know how you get on, I’m really interested to hear your views.





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