A Wonderful New Beginning

New Beginning in Life

The beginning is always today. Mary WollstonecraftIt’s always hard to deal with injuries mentally, but I like to think about it as a new beginning. I can’t change what happened, so the focus needs to go toward healing and coming back stronger than before. Carli Lloyd

A fresh start doesn't mean something is broken rather creating something better

It doesn’t matter what’s happened in your life to bring about this new beginning, it could be:

  • Retirement
  • A new job
  • The birth of a new baby
  • Moving house
  • Moving to a new country

Any number of things happen which creates the opportunity for a new beginning.  What really matters is your attitude.  Yep that’s right it’s down to how you approach this new beginning – it could be:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Suspicion

or it could be:

  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Positivity
  • Security

The choice is yours.

I’m going to take a guess that you’d prefer the second outcome over the first.  Yes?  Good, because that’s exactly what the plan is.  In this post you’ll learn how to develop a plan aimed at preparing for a successful new beginning and yes you being stronger than you were before!

My Own New Beginning

I faced a new beginning after a heart attack I suffered 10 years ago.  Fortunately, it was an extremely mild attack and caused a small amount of damage so my heart was able to heal over and work as normal.  As I say, very lucky!

But I faced a new beginning.  In the hospital I was looked after by a team composed of Specialist, Registrar and Assisting Registrar and an Intern.  They all came from different countries, except for the specialist.  They were all fantastic, each one of them gave me something special.  But the person who taught me most was the Assistant Registrar.  She said there were two ways I could approach life when I left hospital.

  • I could molly coddle myself and treat myself as an invalid for evermore, mooching around being depressed and frightened of ever doing anything in case I got another heart attack.

or I could:

  • Treat the experience as a new beginning, another chance at life, be grateful for it.  Not everyone get’s one.  Think how many people drop dead instantly of a heart attack and you know what I mean.  So I should grab the opportunity with both hands and celebrate life by doing things I’d always wanted to do but hadn’t.  She said it didn’t matter what – so long as it was something I enjoyed – in other words have fun, live life to the full.  Be strong and positive.

Her words made a great impression on me.  And I decided there and then to use my new beginning as positively as I could.  Over the next few months I stopped smoking.  That was my biggest hurdle as I was a dedicated smoker.  But it had to go and how I did it would make another post it was such an epic struggle.  But I succeeded and as a reward my husband and I took off to Egypt for a trip up the river Nile, which was beautiful and a lifelong ambition.

Trip on the River Nile!

Prepare for Launch Day

This is key to success – preparation.

My son has recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which is a horrid and painful condition of the intestines.  I was reading through the brochure when I saw a quote by Lewis Moody, a former English Rugby Captain, this was his quote on the subject:

Get to know the enemy, get information, talk about it – and then take control – it’s your body and your life. – See more at: https://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/about-us/ambassadors-celebrity-supporters/lewis-moody#sthash.klFVWYXi.dpuf

What I like about the quote is it can be applied to any situation, it’s a great piece of advice.

Use it –  Get to know the enemy, get information, talk about it – and then take control.

Research Is Key

Research your new beginning – get as much information as you can about it as possible.

For example say you’ve decided losing weight is the way forward.  You need to research diets till you find one that suits your needs. This is so important – so many plans fail because of wrong choices.

Why choose a diet which doesn’t suit your lifestyle?

If there’s lots of special ingredients to buy and involved cooking processes which won’t fit into your busy life, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out it’ll fail.

Research then is important along with making your plan as person centred to you as possible.  It has to be something that fits into your life.

Divide and Conquer

You have an idea that new beginnings are daunting because nobody likes facing the great unknown – right?

So divide and conquer by reducing the great unknown into smaller chunks.

This is the way to success because it becomes something you can manage.

Break the project into 24 hour cycles, and set objectives for only them and focus on that goal.  

Your first priority was to research your new beginning so focus only on that.  Not on the whole.  It’s tempting to freeze up and tell yourself you can’t do it.

So break up the steps you need in order to manage the project.  You’ll find it easier to nail.

Visualize Your Success

This process works by actually “seeing” in your mind’s eye pictures of you succeeding and you watch yourself doing what is required to make that happen.  So you create a video which is:

  • vivid and detailed
  • use repetition let it run over and over in your head until you know all the steps inside out
  • use positive pictures promoting the image of success.  Watch yourself as you succeed in doing what’s necessary to create your new beginning.  Watch as it takes shape just exactly as you’d planned.

AB DE Villiers the great batsmanVisualizing success is a technique used by sports men and women to achieve great performances.  The greatest example of this was South African batsman AB De Villiers.

He smashed all records in 2016 by scoring 149 runs from just 44 balls.

What’s so interesting here is the way he achieved this feat.  He stayed in the changing rooms before his innings. For the entire time he went through his game visualizing every movement he’d make with his bat.  He practised it over and over until he knew for certain he was capable of producing something special.  And boy was it ever special!

Visualizing success a great tool to have in your arsenal to help you succeed.

There’s Always Consequences – Just Imagine!


A great technique to try when you feel your motivation slide  and you’re getting tired of working out your new beginning.  Just picture the consequences of your actions.  You’ve now told everybody about your new beginning – they’ve shared your excitement, they may even have tried to put you off, but you’ve been resilient and tough!

Just imagine how embarrassing it’d be if you now quit and they can say “I told you so”.  Just picture their smirking faces and picture yourself feeling the burn of failure.

Not as embarrassing as they guy in the giphy but not far off!

Anyway don’t let it get to you.  Allow it to catapult your motivation and push you forward again to success!

Emotional Control – The SEALS Way

You can’t go far wrong learning from these brave people can you?  Emotional toughness, very important.

The Navy SEALS use a method called 4 by 4 for 4:

  1. Breathe in for four seconds
  2. Breathe out for four seconds
  3. Repeat for four minutes

Emotional control conjures up an image of being in possession of superhuman strength.

This is false.

It means learning to manage the moment.  The SEALS way is great because it fits that need perfectly.  Again you get overwhelmed if you think of the whole, hence the stress overcomes you.  But the 4 x 4 for 4 manages the moment.

Breathing exercises to meet circumstances have been around for centuries perfected by yogis of the past.  It’s used in meditation, which happens to be one of the skills I teach.  It’s helped me through some dark times.

So when you next feel yourself overwhelmed by stress – try it – test it out for yourself.

Light Up the Sky with Your Little Victories

 Celebrate your victories

I think it’s so important to celebrate your own small victories along life’s way.  How often do you rush around pleasing other people?


  • Your boss
  • Your family
  • Your colleagues
  • Your friends

And of course you must absolutely do these things.

But what about you?

When you’re planning out your new beginning and thinking what you’d like it to achieve for you.  Remember to celebrate your little victories along the way.

You’re valuable too.  Your achievements are valuable.  They’re important and deserve the recognition you can give to them.

Making fresh starts/new beginnings or any kind of change for that matter are tough.

They’re hard work.

And you deserve to reward yourself when you make gains.

I realize this is a lot to take in.  Which is why I’ve designed an infographic which will shorten the process and be easy for you to digest and will include it alongside this post.

That’s all for now, as ever take care and remember,






Click here for the infographic Infographic on Your 6 Point Plan

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